Delilah Beaumont – Rift of Madame de Florensac (Sleeper)

Diego López – Rift of Davy Jones
Owner of the Nautilus

Edgar Bancroft – Rift of Dracula

Genevieve “Gen” Hallewell
Nalen Kaw’s next door neightbour. A big fan of his novels.

Jacqueline “Jack” North – Rift of Jack the Ripper

Joanna Beattie – Rift of Doctor Frankenstein
Doctor Beattie was attempting to reconstruct her dead wife from the body parts of others. Hired the heroes to clear a local graveyard of threats, so that she could then harvest the body of her sister-in-law, who she was slowly poisoning to death.

Nicole “Nic” Tokugawa – Rift of the Smith
Responsible for the creation of Ilya’s axe.

Stanislaw the Vile – Rift of the Kraken
Russian smuggler and mercenary that has close ties to organized crime within the city. Has a grudge against Ilya after the he disrupted one of Stanislaw’s jobs.

Unidentified Rifts

The Baron – Unidentified
Encounters with his gang seem to indicate some kind of necromancy, potentially voodoo-based.

The Flayed One – Unidentified
Captain within the city’s main organised crime group. Known for the brutal manner in which he kills his victims – skinning them alive and then wearing their flesh.
Nalen and Sam heard rumours about the Flayed One when investigating the city’s organised crime.

Captain Cook – Unidentified

Jarilo – Unidentified

Veles – Unidentified

“Kitsune” – Rift of the Kitsune

Veronica Chang – Rift of Pestilence


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